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Task3Automation tool for various purpose.
Sync!Sync!Sync!Simple and fast backup software. It's easy to schedule automatic backup too.
MacNote3Light-weight, fast notepad for Mac OS X. It supports many functions of Mac OS X like "Service" and AppleScript. It's easy to synchronize memo with iPhone too.
iLingualiLingual helps users to localize Mac OS X and iPhone applications. The operation is much easier than other localizing applications.
gamaguchiVery simple, easy to use household accounts software. It's especially suitable for the use of one person.
TuNeTuNe just displays the title, artist name and artwork of the tune that iTunes currently plays for a while.
ResizeItResizeIt allows you to change the size and format of multiple images simultaneously. It supports multi core and processes multiple images very fast.
No.1No1 is a simple arithmetic exercises of the mind. Make the result of expressions to "1", by changing the operators "+, -, ~, ". Those operators can be changed by clicking.iPhone version is available too.
RiliRili is a very simple, small calendar. Size, font, background color and image can be changed as you like
TryCTryC is for writing and running small C program. It's just for C learners.
MyMusicLifeMyMusicLife counts up the play count and total play time of every tracks and classifies into genre, artistc You can analyze your music trend.
MiniUsage MiniUsage displays various data like CPU usage, amount of network flow, battery status and process names which uses much CPU time in a menubar.
FLNewsBrowserFLNewsBrowser is an application for accessing to multi-lingual news provided by NHK Radio Japan. iPhone version is available too.
100Mac100Mac is a simple 100-cell calculation program.
CalcBMICalcBMI helps you to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) from height and weight. Take care of your health.
LyricsLyrics is a very simple piece of software that just shows the lyrics that iTunes is playing in a window.
QaLLTerminate multiple applications at once
CopyPathCopyPath allows user to copy selected file's file path via Finder's Context menu. It can be a replacement of Contextual menu plugin which is abolished on Mac OS X 10.6. Please refer to "Read Me" before use it. The package contains source code. (Download)

CountCharacter/PinYinCountCharacter displays word count of text selection of any Cocoa app via Finder's Context menu. PinYin displays PinYin (phonetic symbol of chinese word) of text selection. Please refer to "Read Me" before use it. The package contains source code. (Download) ScreenShot: CountCharacterAPinYin


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