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Display various stats on menubar

MiniUsage displays various data like CPU usage, amount of network flow, battery status and process names which uses much CPU time in a menubar. It takes little space and can display various data, so it's suitable for notebook.

While the application is running, this information can be referred via AppleScript.


10.23 v3.2.2 Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the CPU utilization graph for each app.

System Requirement

MacOSX10.10 or later
For MacOSX10.7.x to MacOSX10.9.x
For MacOSX10.5.x to MacOSX10.6.x

About Software License

This software is "Donation-ware". If you want to continue using it, please make small donation to help effort for the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. (For example
American Red Cross) It doesn't imply any donation to me.
Please note that the author takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this software.



Version History Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the CPU utilization graph for each app.
Improve stability. Fixed bug that the app doesn't work on specific environment. Added native Apple Silicon support.
Fixed bug that the app cannot obtain battery status.
Hide incorrect fan status information. The app has been notarized by Apple. Improved the app to fix internal error automatically.
Changed system requirement to MacOSX10.10 or higher. Fixed a bug that the app stops working after running a while. Added function to display network status of each process.
Added "Show/Hide Graph" menu. Added graph view function.
Changed application requirement to MacOSX10.7.5 or higher. Added function to display multiple data on menubar.
Added function to set MiniUsage as launch item. Added function to display the average/Max/Minimum CPU Usage of each running process for last 1 minute.
Added function to display the average/Max/Minimum network input/output data amount for last 1 minute.
Added function to display the icon of each process.
Added function to show MiniUsage icon of menu bar. Added "Quit" "Force Quit" menu in each process menu. Improved performance.
Fixed bug that Menu isn't shown correctly if "Data Type to Display -> Rotate" is selected. Added feature to display information of disk access.
Arranged Preference menus.
Added new application icon. Added feature to display detailed information of each process.
Improved expressions to fit to each locale.
Added German resource. (Thanks Wolf)
Fixed some minor bugs. Fixed bugs that the app didn't work on MacOSX10.5.8. First Release


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