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Very simple, easy to use household accounts software

gamaguchi is a very simple, easy to use household accounts software. It's especially suitable for the use of one person.

One attractive feature of this software is its simplicity.

Even if accounting software has many useful functions, it's of no use if entries cannot be made on any day you choose. This software focuses on regular daily use. So if you have previously experienced disappointment in keeping accounts data, please try this software.

This software is AppleScript compatible. By using script, you can add daily common payments (for example, coffee) with a single click. Also you can create an accounting report and (every 10 days, for example) send it to yourself by email. There are several sample scripts in the package, so please try them.


9/22 v2.1 Added Balance List window. etc

System Requirement

@MacOSX10.2 or later

About Software License

gamaguchi is shareware ($10). You can try it for 60 days free of charge. After this trial period, free of charge every time you launch the application, gamaguchi reminds you that it's shareware. Please check the
documentation about licensing.



Version History Added Balance List window. etc First release.


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