About Software License (MacNote3)

Dear Mac Users,
Thank you very much for trying my software MacNote3.

MacNote3 is shareware. Anyone may try it free of charge for 30 days., Every time the application is launched after this trial period, MacNote3 will display a reminder about the need for a license. If you would like to continue using it after the 30-day trial period, it will be necessary to obtain a license by sending me a small amount.

The license fee for MacNote3 is Japanese ¥1,500- or US$15.-

Refund Policy
Once paid, license fees are not refundable as a prospective buyer can try out MacNote3 for 30 days, so please think carefully before committing yourself. If these terms are acceptable, please go ahead.

Once a license for the software is obtained, any new (updated) versions are available at no further charge. Every time a new version is released, license-holders will receive a notice by email to that effect. In these notices a URL link will be given, via which the the new, unlimited version of the software can be downloaded by a single click.

How to Purchase
To buy a license, please choose one of the three methods shown below.
As soon as your details and the license fee for MacNote3 are received, you will promptly be advised by email how you may download an unlimited version of MacNote3.

1. PayPal
A license can be purchased via PayPal. PayPal accepts credit cards, bank transfers and debit cards. If Paypal is used, the license will cost $16.00. (This amount includes a charge imposed by PayPal.)

2. To my bank account (Japanese Yen only)
< My bank account >
 Swift Code : BOTKJPJT
 Bank Name : The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
 Branch : Higashi Ebisu branch
 Branch Code : 610
 Branch address : Shibuyaku ebisu 1-9-1,
          Tokyo (153-0013),
 Branch phone number : 03-3440-3111
 Account : Saving account
 Account number : 3869205
 Account name : Sekine Nobuatsu

3. via Post
A license for MacNote3 can be purchased by sending the required amount (US$15.00) in cash by post. (There is no need to buy US$ ― just send the equivalent in your own currency. )

< My Address >
 Nobuatsu Sekine
 Ootaku oomori nishi 6-11-20,
 Tokyo (043-0015),

If you send cash for a license for MacNote3, please also send your personal details by email, as follows. (If the fee is paid via PayPal, your details will transferred automatically at the time of paying.)

 Mail To:nsekine@mac.com
 Subject:License of MacNote3
 EMail Content :
    Your Name :
    Your EMail Address :
    Any comment about MacNote3 :  

If there are any questions you would like to ask, please send me an email.

Nobuatsu Sekine