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displays workout route from iPhone's and helps to export it as a KML file

EarthTrail loads workout and route data recorded on iPhone using an Apple Watch or other device during exercise via Health/Fitness data and exports them as a KML file. The workout related photos will be able to exported as well. The exported KML file can be imported and displayed on Google Earth, allowing you to view your climbing route on 3D terrain. Google Earth for Mac can also display exported photos on 3D map.


02.28 v1.1.0 Add markers to the start and goal points of the exported KML file.

System Requirement

iOS14 or later

About Software License

This software is "Donation-ware". If you want to continue using it, please make small donation to help effort for the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. (For example
American Red Cross) It doesn't imply any donation to me.
Please note that the author takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this software.


Introduction Video

KML file can be embedded in web site
Mt. Asama

Mt. Hakkouda

Mt. Mizugaki

Version History Add markers to the start and goal points of the exported KML file.
Added a function to add markers at regular intervals.
Changed the icons of photos and other objects in the exported KML file. First Release


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